Tropical Cyclone Vince

9 - 16 January 2011


A tropical low pressure system developed in an active monsoon trough on 9 January and moved quickly west. The low was affected by strong easterly wind shear and had an exposed low level circulation. On 12 January the wind shear dropped and the low began to be steered back towards the east under the influence of monsoonal westerlies. The decrease in wind shear allowed the low to briefly organise into a tropical cyclone early on 13 January. Vince reached a 10-minute mean wind peak intensity of 40 knot (kn) (74 kilometres per hour (km/h)) at this time and then weakened below tropical cyclone strength late on 13 January. The remnant low pressure system drifted east and then back to the west over the next few days before finally dissipating over the ocean. Vince did not affect mainland Australia.

For more information see the TC Vince Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Vince