Tropical Cyclone Warren

4 - 6 March 1995


Tropical cyclone Warren was a short-lived system which moved steadily south-southwestwards in the eastern Gulf of Carpentaria. A tropical low initially formed in the northeastern Gulf of Carpentaria, drifted southwards and was named Warren near 14.1°S 140.2°E at 1100 UTC 4 March. Warren turned south-southwestwards and intensified rapidly, reaching humcane intensity by 1200 UTC 5 March near 16.2°S 139.4°E just north of Mornington Island. The cyclone peaked six hours later before crossing the southern coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria with estimated mean winds of 40 m/s (central pressure about 960 hPa). Warren weakened rapidly as it moved inland, dissipating near the Queensland-Northern Territory border at 0600 UTC 6 March.

Although Warren passed close to Mornington Island at near peak intensity, only minor damage was reported. Power supplies were disrupted in Gununa, the main town on the island and minor flooding blocked roads. Many houses were slightly damaged, extensive tree damage was reported and a light aircraft was overturned at the airport.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Warren