32.3 Surface water access entitlement for allocated diversions

Supporting information

In the Adelaide region, surface water rights in areas with an operational water allocation plan are bundled into a single instrument called a 'water licence'. The bundled water licence means that the value of the entitlement is not distinct from the allocation. This is an ongoing surface water right and is described as the 'annual water taking allocation'. By default recurring annual water taking allocations are applied on 1 July each year and expire on 30 June each year. Subject to the conditions of a water allocation plan, the volume of unused allocated water may be carried forward to the following year, called a 'rollover allocation'. For further information on rollover water refer to the Water allocations section of the 'Contextual information'.

In the Adelaide region watercourses in the Barossa Prescribed Water Resources Area (PWRA), including the North Para River and its tributaries, have functional water licences. These water licences are managed under the Barossa PWRA Water Allocation Plan. Licences have been also issued to water users of the Little Para Prescribed Watercourse and to SA Water to surface water from the Western Mount Lofty Ranges PWRA. These licences will be managed under the Western Mount Lofty Ranges PWRA Water Allocation Plan in future years, following its adoption by the South Australian Minister for Sustainability, Conservation and Environment on 17 September 2013.

The volume reported (146,417 ML) represents the surface water access entitlements on issue in the Adelaide region during the 2012–13 year for private use (refer to line item 21.1 Surface water allocation announcements) and urban water supply (refer to line item 21.2 Surface water allocation announcements – urban water system).