Severe Tropical Cyclone Abigail

22 February - 8 March 2001


Abigail started as a complex area of low pressure within the monsoon trough in the Coral Sea on 22 February. There were two centres of about 1001 hPa: one near 12 S, 157 E and the other near 17.5 S, 154 E. Over the next 24 hours the lows merged and the system tracked westward in an environment of favourable upper divergence, steered by the subtropical ridge to its south. Shortly before reaching the east coast of Australia, the system exhibited a sudden intensification, and at 0000 UTC on the 24th it was named TC Abigail . It crossed the coast just north of the city of Cairns, weakening below cyclone strength soon after landfall. There was minor flooding, but little major damage.

Track and intensity

All times in UTC - add 9.5 hours to convert to CST and 10 hours to convert to EST.

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Abigail