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South East Queensland


Water Overview


A summary of the significant water events, major water initiatives and improvements in water information occurring during the reporting period are explained.


Significant Water Events

In 2009–10, the South East Queensland (SEQ) region transitioned from a drought dominated period to a wet period. In the years preceding, water allocations were low. Drought resulted in significant changes to the operation of the urban water infrastructure, with new water sources, such as desalinisation, being developed. In 2009–10, all water supply scheme water allocations reached 100% of entitlement.

Water resource management in South East Queensland has been undergoing significant reform since 1 July 2008. No water industry reform changes occurred during 2009–10. Phase one of the water industry reforms occurred prior to 2009–10 and phase two started after 2009–10.

The first phase of the SEQ Water Grid saw the creation of four new, state-owned, bulk water entities:

The second phase of the reforms involved a move from council services to regional water businesses and the creation of three new entities providing water distribution and retail business from 1 July 2010:

  • Queensland Urban Utilities (amalgamating water business for Brisbane, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim, Somerset Councils)
  • Allconnex Water (amalgamating water business for Gold Coast, Logan and Redland Councils)
  • Unity Water (amalgamating water business for Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast Councils).

Figure W1. Map of Council retailers (2009-10) and water utilities (2010-11) within SEQ region  

Figure W1. Map of Council retailers (2009-10) and water utilities (2010-11) within the South East Queensland region

Major Water Initiatives

Major water initiatives were undertaken in South East Queensland, triggered by the 2006 South East Queensland Regional Drought Strategy.

Major water initiatives that were in the process of being investigated, designed, constructed or commissioned during 2009–10 included:

Prior to 2009-10 the following initiatives occurred:

For further information refer to Report on the Drought Contingency Projects.

Major Improvements in Water Information

The Queensland Water Commission developed a water information management system called the WaterHub. This system is a centralised, web-based modular platform that stores, analyses and provides restricted access to water-related information.

The Queensland Water Commission also released a public water information portal called the Water Dashboard.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) made significant improvements to the water management system and extended the groundwater monitoring network throughout the South East Queensland (SEQ) region.