South East Queensland
1.4 Lakes and wetlands

Supporting information

There are several lakes and wetlands connected to the surface water store within the South East Queensland (SEQ) region. Volumes associated with these water bodies are not included in the water accounting statements because of the lack of data on the volumetric storage within these wetlands and; therefore, they could not be quantified in a way that is complete, neutral, and free from material error. Many of them occur at the interface between the marine and freshwater environment, making volumetric assessment of freshwater storage challenging.

The volume of water held in these lakes and wetlands is relatively small. While lakes and wetlands do provide significant environmental and recreational benefit, the omission of their volume does not have a material impact on the water balance of the surface water store.

Further information on the surface water store may be found in the surface water note. Further information on aquatic ecosystems can be found in the significant aquatic ecosystems section of the 'Climatic information'.