South East Queensland
27.1 Off-channel water storages

Supporting information

The volumetric value for the line item at the end of the 2012–13 year was 59,080 ML.

The off-channel water store has been excluded from the South East Queensland (SEQ) region in the 2013 Account; therefore, off-channel water store terms do not appear in the water accounting statements.

The following table shows the estimated volume of water stored in off-channel water storages.


Major off-channel storages wtihin the South East Queensland region
Water resource plan (WRP) area

River system


Total surface area






Gold Coast Coomera River 93 5 3,389,647 6,779
Total Gold Coast WRP area 93 5 3,389,647 6,779
Logan Basin Albert River 102 6 1,671,718 3,344
Logan River 371 22 4,167,129 8,334
Total Logan Basin WRP area 473 28 5,838,847 11,678
Moreton Bremer River 302 18 4,808,992 9,618
Brisbane River 156 9 2,770,688 5,541
Caboolture River 87 5 788,129 1,576
Lockyer River 320 19 7,101,810 14,204
Maroochy River 116 7 1,884,659 3,769
North Pine 53 3 1,611,937 3,224
South Pine 19 1 544,028 1,088
Stanley River 77 5 801,017 1,603
Total Moreton WRP area 1,130 67 20,311,260 40,623
Total SEQ region
1,696 100 29,539,754 59,080


Quantification approach

Data source

Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM): GIS layer and DERM systems. 


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Major off-channel storages were identified and the area estimated using remote sensing with 30 m pixels. Only storages that are referable under the Queensland Water Act 2000 have been ground inspected and their existence confirmed.

The following criteria were used to classify a body of surface water as off-channel storage:

  • the water body must have a surface area greater than approximately 0.25 ha
  • the storage must be human-made.

Ring tanks (turkey nest dams) that meet the above criteria were included in the classification. Ring tanks are above ground water storages where all sides of the storage are man-made embankments.

The following criteria were used to estimate the volume in off-channel storages:

  • assumed depth of 2 m for each storage
  • assumed GIS attribute F_area was in square metres.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

Some dams may have been omitted during this selection process due to the 30 m pixels used in the remote sensing.

This data is not intended as a complete count of off-channel storages but is an indication of the number of larger dams within each of the South East Queensland (SEQ) region.

Uncertainty information

The uncertainty estimate was not quantified.