Statement of Changes in Water Assets and Water Liabilities

for the year ended 30 June 2014

 2014 ML2013 ML
Water asset increases
Surface water increases459,932293,246
Precipitation on surface water11,2096,783
Runoff to surface water448,723286,463
Total surface water increases459,932293,246
Groundwater increases245,873376,020
Groundwater inflow from outside region2131
Groundwater inflow from outside region at coast1,6241,562
Recharge from landscape243,097373,428
Leakage from off-channel water storage1,131999
Managed aquifer recharge—other schemes--
Total groundwater increases245,873376,020
Urban water system increases286,510257,515
Wastewater collected95,56091,043
Delivery of desalinated water to urban water system60,95036,472
Increase of inter-region claim on water by urban water system130,000130,000
Total urban water system increases286,510257,515
Irrigation scheme increases6,9048,452
Precipitation on irrigation scheme--
Increase of irrigation scheme inter-region claim on water6,2947,852
Other irrigation water increases610600
Total irrigation scheme increases6,9048,452
Total water asset increases999,219935,233
Water liability decreases
Surface water liability decreases2,6342,210
Adjustment and forfeiture of surface water allocation2,6342,210
Total surface water liability decreases2,6342,210
Groundwater liability decreases21,75823,515
Adjustment and forfeiture of groundwater allocation21,75823,515
Total groundwater liability decreases21,75823,515
Total water liability decreases24,39225,725
Water asset decreases
Surface water decreases185,332117,189
Evaporation from surface water16,95414,741
River outflow from the region166,640100,442
Surface water leakage to landscape--
Surface water diversions—other statutory rights1,7382,006
Total surface water decreases185,332117,189
Groundwater decreases53,747136,289
Groundwater outflow to outside region383510
Groundwater outflow to outside region at coast972842
Discharge to landscape32,313108,290
Discharge to off-channel water storage--
Groundwater extractions—other statutory rights20,07926,647
Total groundwater decreases53,747136,289
Urban water system decreases308,753268,380
Evaporation from urban water system3,8211,591
Delivery to urban water system users137,027141,892
Wastewater discharge outside of region64,39959,264
Transfer of water outside of region4,1504,053
Adjustment and forfeiture of urban inter-region claim on water97,85161,580
Other urban water system decreases1,3250
Total urban water system decreases308,573268,380
Irrigation scheme decreases24,22226,656
Evaporation from irrigation scheme--
Delivery to irrigation scheme users24,14926,170
Adjustment and forfeiture of irrigation scheme inter-region claim on water73486
Total irrigation scheme decreases24,22226,656
Total water asset decreases571,874548,514
Water liability increases
Surface water liability increases3,6313,417
Surface water allocation announcements3,6313,417
Total surface water liability increases3,6313,417
Groundwater liability increases47,48348,343
Groundwater allocation announcements47,48348,343
Total groundwater liability increases47,48348,343
Total water liability increases51,11451,760
Unaccounted-for difference
Unaccounted-for difference367,403372,588
Unaccounted-for difference367,403372,588
Total unaccounted-for difference 367,403372,588
Change in net water assets 33,220(11,904)