Statement of Water Assets and Water Liabilities

as at 30 June 2014

 2014 ML2013 ML
Water assets
Surface water123,15887,732
Unregulated river656402
Total surface water123,15887,732
Water table aquifer--
Underlying aquifers--
Other groundwater assets86,35686,356
Total groundwater86,35686,356
Urban water system1,5641,553
Urban water supply system1,4141,414
Wastewater system133122
Recycled water system1717
Urban inter-region claim on water00
Total urban water system1,5641,553
Irrigation scheme2929
Irrigation water supply system2929
Irrigation scheme inter-region claim on water00
Total irrigation scheme2929
Total water assets211,107175,670
Water liabilities
Surface water liability625574
Surface water allocation remaining625574
Total surface water liability625574
Groundwater liability6,1073,941
Groundwater allocation remaining6,1073,941
Total groundwater liability6,1073,941
Total water liabilities6,7324,515
Opening net water assets171,155183,059
Change in net water assets33,220(11,904)
Closing net water assets204,375171,155