Murray-Darling Basin
35.1 Trade of surface water entitlement within region

Supporting Information

The volumetric value for the line item for the 2010–11 year was 557,082 ML. The line item includes information on intra-regional surface water entitlement trade within the Murray–Darling Basin (MDB) region.  The following table presents breakdown information for the line item value on sustainable diversion limit (SDL) area basis.

Information on tagging of entitlements is not included in this line item. Movement of water associated with tagging of entitlements is included in line item 37.1 Surface water allocation trade within region.


Surface water entitlements sold in SDL areas in the MDB region for the 2010–11 year
Surface water resource plan area

SDL area


 Volume (ML) for the 2010–11 year 



SW19 Warrego – Paroo – Nebine  SS29 Paroo  Qld 0
SS28 Warrego Qld 884
SS27 Nebine Qld 0
SW18 Condamine–Balonne  SS26 Condamine–Balonne  Qld 12,014
SW17 Moonie  SS25 Moonie  Qld 2,278
SW16 Qld Border Rivers  SS24 Qld Border Rivers Qld 15,864
SW15 NSW Border Rivers  SS23 NSW Border Rivers NSW 291
SW11 Barwon–Darling Watercourse  SS19 Barwon–Darling Watercourse NSW 0
SW12 NSW Intersecting Streams  SS17 NSW Intersecting Streams NSW 0
SW14 Gwydir  SS22 Gwydir NSW 1,457
SW13 Namoi  SS21 Namoi  NSW 2,632
SW10 Macquarie–Castlereagh  SS20 Macquarie–Castlereagh NSW 48,417
Sub–total Northern Basin  83,837
SW9 Lachlan  SS16 Lachlan  NSW 1,716
SW8 Murrumbidgee  SS15 Murrumbidgee  NSW 94,830
SW7 NSW Murray and Lower Darling  SS18 Lower Darling NSW 567
SS14 NSW Murray NSW 42783
SW2 Vic Murray  SS3 Kiewa Vic 0
SW3 Northern Victoria  SS4 Ovens Vic 1,488
SS5 Broken Vic 748
SS6 Goulburn Vic 80,599
SS7 Campaspe Vic 37,273
SS8 Loddon Vic 26,487
SW2 Vic Murray  SS2 Vic Murray Vic 184,838
SW4 Wimmera–Mallee  SS9 Wimmera–Mallee  Vic 1,916
SW6 Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges  SS13 Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges  SA 0
SW5 SA Murray SS11 SA Murray SA – 


Sub–total Southern Basin 473,245
Total for the region 557,082

– = Data not available


Total surface water entitlement trade within the region during the 2010–11 year was less than 50% of the corresponding value (1,129,971 ML) for the previous year.


Quantification Approach

Data Source

Water audit monitoring (WAM) data received from New South Wales (02 March 2012), Queensland (22 December 2011) and Victoria (31 January 2012). WAM data are stored in the Murray–Darling Basin Authority HYDRO database.

Provided by

Murray–Darling Basin Authority.


WAM-supplied data were obtained from water trade registers.

Assumptions, Limitations, Caveats and Approximations

In general all trade was occurring within SDL areas that are predominantly regulated or supplemented. However, in Queensland, trade in both regulated (supplemented) and unregulated (unsupplemented) systems occurred.

Uncertainty Information

WAM-sourced data did not have any uncertainty information on entitlement permanent trade.

Comparative year

The value reported for both the 2009–10 year and the 2010–11 year was 1,129,971 ML.