South East Queensland
18.11 Entitled extraction of allocated groundwater to users

Supporting information

a. Overall

The volumetric value for the line item at the end of the 2012–13 year was 2,078 ML.

This line item represents licensed metered groundwater extraction from the benefitted area of the Central Lockyer water supply scheme (WSS) within the Lockyer Valley groundwater management area (GMA).

b. Benefitted area definition

In the Lockyer Valley groundwater management area (GMA), within the Central Lockyer WSS there is an area known as a 'benefitted area' for which groundwater licences are available. Benefitted areas are the equivalent of a regulated surface water resource. The benefitted area uses managed aquifer recharge via discharge of water from water storages to watercourses to recharge the groundwater. Of the Central Lockyer WSS's metered, licensed groundwater extractions, 2,078 ML was extracted from the benefitted area during the 2012–13 year. This was included as line item 18.11 Entitled extraction of allocated groundwater to users.

The volume extracted from non–benefitted area during the 2012–13 year was included as line item 18.8 Entitled extraction of non–allocated groundwater to users.

c. Central Lockyer interim groundwater entitlements

Currently, interim groundwater entitlements exist within the Central Lockyer WSS. These do not have volumetric limits, and therefore announced allocations cannot be made for individual entitlement holders; however, there is a nominal groundwater entitlement for the entire Central Lockyer WSS. Under the interim resource operations licence, the water-sharing rules provide for extraction up to the Central Lockyer WSS groundwater limit, with a provision that when individual allocations are set, groundwater allocation announcement rules should be used.

Given the intent for groundwater allocation announcement rules, for the purpose of the 2013 Account, the Central Lockyer WSS has been considered to have a system with groundwater allocation announcements, extractions, and forfeiture.

Although there are more groundwater management areas (GMAs) within the South East Queensland (SEQ) region, only information for the Lockyer Valley GMA benefitted area has been included within the line items listed below:

For the purpose of the 2013 Account, other GMAs are not included to have this entitlement system at present. As groundwater entitlements evolve in the SEQ region and the announcement, extractions, and forfeiture model is implemented, other GMAs may also be included within these line items. In the 2013 Account, any extractions from other GMAs (where volumes are available) was included in line item 18.8 Entitled extraction of non–allocated groundwater to users.

d. Groundwater allocation remaining – reconciliation

The following table shows the ground water allocation reconciliation. Due to the very wet year, irrigation demand was significantly lower than in previous years resulted in a higher than usual forfeiture of groundwater allocation.

Groundwater allocation reconciliation


Volume (ML)

Opening balance (at 1 July 2012)


22.1 Groundwater allocation announcements


18.11 Entitled extraction of allocated groundwater to users


14.1 Adjustment and forfeiture of groundwater allocation


Closing balance (at 30 June 2013)


Quantification approach

Data source

Seqwater: licensed groundwater allocation extractions.

Provided by



Metered data were obtained from resource operations licence holder for licensed groundwater allocation extractions for the Central Lockyer WSS for the 2012–13 year.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

It was assumed that all entitlement, allocation and extraction data within the Water Management System were correct and up to date at the time of data collection. 

Seqwater accepted the data provided by meter readers in good faith and has provided them for the subaccount assuming that they are true and accurate.

Uncertainty information

Estimated from measured data.