South East Queensland
32.2 Surface water access entitlement for non-allocated diversions

Supporting information

The volumetric value for the line item at the end of the 2012–13 year was 54,418 ML.

The volume of unsupplemented surface water licences can be seen in the table below.

Unsupplemented surface water entitlements
Water resource plan (WRP) area

Nominal volume

Gold Coast 1,246
Logan Basin 10,023
Moreton 43,149
Total South East Queensland (SEQ) region         54,418


  • 2012-13 figures include stock and domestic licences (line item 17.7 Entitled extraction of non-allocated surface water)
  • 2012-13 figures include 'undefined' licences within the WRP boundaries that may have been missed in earlier accounts
  • there were 169 unsupplemented surface water licences for a total of 54,418 ML
  • there were 1,839 area base licences covering 19,953 hectares
  • there were 223 licences with no ML/HA measurement on the licence
  • this makes a total of 2,231 unsupplemented surface water licences in existence in SEQ during 2012-13.


Quantification approach

Data source

Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM): Water Management System database.

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Data on unsupplemented surface water licences was obtained from the DNRM Water Management System database.

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The uncertainty estimate was not quantified.