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District monthly rainfall averages

District rainfall monthly averages are available as text data files.


There are 99 numbered rainfall districts, some of which have been split into smaller segments (for example, district 23 comprises three sub-districts A, B, and C). The rainfall district system was initiated in 1913, partly to assist operational management, and partly in an effort to group sites with relatively similar rainfall climates. The districts are used to help assign the primary identification numbers to the majority of the Bureau's observation sites.

There are a number of limitations associated with the rainfall district system if it is used to group sites according to the rainfall patterns. There can be significant local differences in topography and rainfall within a region. For example, district 83 is in Victoria, and includes Lake Buffalo (elevation 280m; annual mean rainfall 1081mm {calculated in 2006}) and Mount Buffalo (1350m; 1885mm). Many of the rainfall district boundaries have been aligned for convenience with state boundaries and major features such as rivers. Thus, two sites separated by only a few kilometres may have quite similar rainfall but be in quite different rainfall districts.

The rainfall districts have no relationship with, for example, census districts, postal districts, water catchments or shire boundaries. They also differ from the Bureau forecast districts, which serve a different purpose and which can change with time to suit, for example, differing population levels, or service requirements.


Rainfall district locations

Map of rainfall district locations


Rainfall district identification

Bureau of Meteorology rainfall district numbers and their corresponding names.

Bureau of Meteorology rainfall district numbers and their corresponding names.
Western Australia
1. North Kimberley
2. East Kimberley
3. West Kimberley
4. De Grey
5. Fortescue
6. West Gascoyne
7. East Gascoyne
7A. Murchison
8. North Coast
9. Central Coast
9A. South Coast
10. North Central
10A. South Central
11. Eucla
12. Southeast
13. Northeast
Northern Territory
14BC. Arnhem
14DE. Roper-McArthur
14F. Victoria
14GA. Darwin-Daly
15A. Barkly
15B. Alice Springs
South Australia
16. Northwest
17. Far North
18. Western Agricultural
19. Upper North
20. Northeast
21. Lower North
South Australia (cont.)
22. West Central (22A + 22B)
22A. Yorke Peninsula
22B. Kangaroo Island
23.East Central (23A + 23B + 23C)
23A. Adelaide Plains
23B. County Light
23C. Mt. Lofty Ranges
24. Murray River (24A + 24B)
24A. Upper Murray Valley
24B. Lower Murray Valley
25A. Murray Mallee
25B. Upper Southeast
26. Lower Southeast
27. North Peninsula
28. South Peninsula
29. Lower Carpentaria
30. Upper Carpentaria
31. Barron North Coast
32. Herbert North Coast
33. East Central Coast
34. West Central Coast
35. Central Highlands
36. Central Lowlands
37. Upper Western
38. Lower Western
39. Port Curtis
40. Moreton
41. East Darling Downs
42. West Darling Downs
43. Maranoa
44. Warrego
45. Far Southwest
New South Wales
46. Western (Far Northwest)
47. Western (Lower Darling)
48. Western (Upper Darling)
49. Western (Southwest Plains)
50. Central Western Plains (S)
51. Central Western Plains ( N)
52. Northwest Plains (W)
53. Northwest Plains (E)
54. Northwest Slopes (N)
55. Northwest Slopes (S)
56. Northern Tablelands (W)
57. Northern Tablelands (E)
58. Upper North Coast
59. Lower North Coast
60. Manning
61. Hunter
62. Central Tablelands (N)
63. Central Tablelands (S)
64. Central Western Slopes (N)
65. Central Western Slopes (S)
66. Metropolitan (E)
67. Metropolitan (W)
68. Illawarra
69. South Coast
70. Southern Tablelands
71. Southern Tablelands
(Snowy Mountains)
72. Southwest Slopes (S)
73. Southwest Slopes (N)
74. Riverina (E)
75. Riverina (W)
76. North Mallee
77. South Mallee
78. North Wimmera
79. South Wimmera
80. Lower North
81. Upper North
82. Lower Northeast
83. Upper Northeast
84. East Gippsland
85. West Gippsland
86. East Central
87. West Central
88. North Central
89. Western Plains
90. West Coast
91. Northern
92. East Coast
93. Midlands
94. Southeast
95. Derwent Valley
96. Central Plateau
97. West Coast
(Mountain Region)
98. King Island
99. Flinders Island


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