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Notes about the rainfall deficiency maps

Rainfall deficiency is used to describe the situation where there has been less rainfall over a given period of 6 months when compared with similar periods over the whole historical record (since 1900).

A 1 in 20 rainfall event is an indication of how many times such low rainfall would be likely to occur at a location in a 20 year period: so for every 20 years you could expect to get low rainfall like this just once. This is also, more accurately, known as being at or below the 5th percentile (or within the lowest 5% of rainfall records).

Rainfall deficiency data are calculated from the Bureau of Meteorology's national Australian Water Availability Project (AWAP) gridded rainfall dataset. The AWAP dataset provides a nationally consistent, long-term record of rainfall which includes observed rainfall data from 1900 to present. National rainfall deficiency datasets are produced on a monthly basis at approximately five kilometre horizontal resolution.


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