Greater Sydney in 2022: wettest year on record for many areas, cooler than average

Rainfall was well above average during 2022 with many areas recording their wettest year on record. This was associated with cloudier than usual conditions which resulted in the annual mean maximum temperature being cooler than average for many sites.

Wettest year on record for many areas

  • Rainfall for Greater Sydney was well above average during 2022, being around two times the annual average.
  • Rainfall was above average for the majority of months with March and July being particularly wet.
  • Some sites had their highest daily rainfall on record, either on 3 March or during early July from the impacts of East Coast Lows.
  • Many sites had their highest total rainfall on record or their highest for at least 20 years.
  • Observatory Hill had its highest annual rainfall on record (with records extending back to 1858 across the current and former site) of 2530.0 mm, exceeding the previous record of 2194.0 mm in 1950.

Cooler than average maximum temperatures

Sydney (Observatory Hill)

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