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The following links provide access to on-line training and QM related publications to assist Members in developing and implementing their quality management system.

Online Training


Historical WMO ICTT and QMF Documents




Technical documents

ISO 9000 Quality Management Standard Documentation

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems - Requirements ISO 9000:2006 Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and Vocabulary ISO 9004:2000 Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for Performance Improvement
Requirements Fundamentals and Vocabulary Guidelines for Performance Improvement

ISO standard documentation may be purchased on the ISO publications on-line store.

WMO Members QM Risk Analysis

A broad risk analysis was conducted by the WMO Task Team on Quality Management to establish the risk to three identified key stakeholder groups if they failed to adopt a quality management approach to the delivery of aviation weather services.

The three key stakeholder groups are:
  • The Country,
  • The Service Providers, and
  • WMO.

Please note that the perceived risks identified for each of the three main stakeholder groups are based on the collective knowledge and experience of the QMO Task Team members. It must be appreciated that these may not apply to all stakeholders and that some risks specific to stakeholder's individual circumstances may not have been identified. It is hoped that the results of this analysis will raise the awareness of the importance of a QM and "encourage" Members to be proactive in the adoption of a QM approach to the delivery of their weather services.

The broad risk analysis is provided in English, Spanish and Russian documents attached.

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