Annual Climate Report 2012

The Annual Climate Summary 2012 report is the Bureau of Meteorology's official historical record of the previous year's climate. It provides a national overview of temperate and rainfall during the year, and documents significant weather and climate events.

In contrast to the wet and cool conditions of the previous two years, Australia recorded near-average rainfall and slightly above-average mean temperatures in 2012. However, the annual figures conceal a year of contrasts. The start of the year saw cooler and wetter conditions, while the end of the year shifted to warmer and drier conditions.

Some key points:

  • Annual nationally-averaged rainfall was 476 mm, only 11 mm above average.
  • 2012 was a warmer-than-average year, 0.11 °C above average.
  • La Niña brought above-average rain and cooler temperatures early in 2012.
  • Reduced rainfall in winter and spring was associated with a warm tropical Pacific Ocean and positive Indian Ocean Dipole.
  • 2003-2012 was the fifth-warmest 10-year period on record.

Annual Climate Summary 2012 video Download video transcript

Climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins presents Australia's 2012 climate highlights, including an overview of temperature, rainfall and significant events.
Read Dr Watkins' reflections on the experience of making the Bureau's first Annual Climate Summary video

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