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cdo productsClimate Data Online (CDO) provides access to a range of statistics, recent weather observations and climate data from the Australian Data Archive for Meteorology (ADAM pdf, 350kB), a database which holds weather observations dating back to the mid 1800s for some sites. We are progressively increasing the range of data available from CDO, in a variety of data formats including tables, data files (csv), PDF, graphs and maps. In addition, CDO provides the capability to compare and review the data.

Using Climate Data Online to get data

Data are collected by a range of different types of weather stations. Some stations, for example, only collect rainfall data, while others may change what they measure over their years of operation.
Getting data involves:

  1. Selecting the type of data you want;
  2. Finding weather stations that collect that type of data, near the locality you are interested in.

Choosing the Map or Text tool?
You can use either the 'Select using Map' or the 'Select using Text' tool to select your data. While many of the controls are the same, each tool offers different practical advantages.

  • The Map tool shows locations on the map, allows you to navigate around the map to pick your locations, and it displays mapped data, for example Average Rainfall maps.
  • The Text tool may be more practical for slow internet connections and for people who do not use a mouse. It also provides a direct process if you regularly want data for the same location.

What if I can't find the data I want?

There are a number of pages on this web site where you can access free climate data and information. See: Other available data

If you cannot obtain the information you are after, then you may contact us to request additional data. There may be a charge associated with this service. Data are available for individual stations, while gridded data and pre-packaged climate data products are also available.

!If you would like to obtain additional data from us we encourage you to, where possible, use the Weather Station Directory to provide us with the appropriate Bureau station numbers. This will reduce the time required to process your request, and therefore the cost.


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