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Technical requirements

The map and text tool have been tested on a wide range of web browsers and different types of computer systems, however problems may occur with different technical configurations and Internet connection speeds.

  • The Text tool is recommended for slow Internet connections, text-only or keyboard-only browsing.
  • The Map tool is fastest with newer computers and web browsers.
  • If the tools do not appear to be working we recommend:
    • Do not disable Javascript, pop-up windows, iframes, cookies or images for this web site.
    • Review the Map tool guide, Map tool presentation,or the Text tool guide to check how they should work.
    • On the Map tool, click the weather station symbols, not the names.
    • To make your browser get a fresh copy of the web page files, hold down your 'Shift' key and click the browser 'Refresh/Reload' button.

First visit delays

Slow Internet connections will experience some initial delay loading the Map page. Page files should be stored in your browser cache, so subsequent visits should have less to download. If you continue to experience similar load delay, check your browser cache settings. It may be worth clearing your cache or allocating more room to ensure that it has room to store the files. Ensure the cache is not set to clear at the end of every visit.

Updating old web browsers

The tools may not work well in older web browsers. Updating or installing a new web browser may reduce problems and the newer browsers tend to be more efficient. There are many free good web browsers available from the Internet. Try a search for 'web browser'.

If you are on a dial-up connection, it may be more practical to source a new web browser from a computer magazine CD, via an acquaintance or a local community library or Internet resource facility.

Mobile access

Mobile access will require one of the newer, fully functional Internet browsers.

Saving your settings and cookies

The Climate Data Online page saves your selections as text records (called cookies), so you don't have to choose them again every time you visit. No personal information is stored or collected in those cookies. If you don't use cookies, the page will still work, but you'll have to repeat your selections each visit.

For a review period we are also using Google Analytics cookies to help us to understand how our pages are being used, so we can continue to improve them. These cookies track your computer address when you are using our pages.

Settings that are saved include: whether you used 'Select by text' or 'Select using map', if you loaded the map tool, if you set a 'Home' location using the map tool and if you saved a weather station number and data type using the text tool.

If your settings are not being saved, check whether you have cookies disabled in your browser, or whether your security settings are blocking cookie use.

For an initial review period we are also using cookies to check how the map tool is being used, to help check whether it needs any practical improvements. We will not be storing or sharing personal data.

Common technical questions

How to get data - FAQs lists a range of common technical queries.

Please let us know

If you have tried these things and still seem to have a technical problem please send specific details about your problem. (Also, please identify the page that you are experiencing a problem with).

Send details associated with your technical problem.

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Page updated: 2 March 2011