Thunderstorm and Strong Wind Confirmation Reports - New South Wales

The pages linked from the following table indicate where storms, hail and/or strong winds have been verified for the various areas listed.  Descriptions of the terms used in these tables can be found on the overview page.

Note: You may need to refresh each time you visit a report to see the latest version.

For information on locations and time periods not covered in these reports please contact us providing the postcode and the name of the closest major town to your location of interest. Please note that there will be a charge for this service. Until further advised, subscribers can avoid these additional charges by quoting their allocated Registered User name when requesting individual reports for areas beyond the coverage of this service.

This service covers areas included on the map of NSW.
An enlargement of the Sydney area is available labelled with either place names or post codes.
A listing of post codes and related place names is also available.

Please note our confirmations are statements that storms have occurred in a general area, rather than directly above a specific locality. As our observation network is sparse in some areas, not all weather phenomena may be reported to the Bureau. Also, thunderstorms often form in groups or bands and may traverse 50 to 100 km during their lifespan. For these reasons, a report of a thunderstorm, strong winds or hail indicates that these phenomena have been observed on the specified date within a 50 km radius of the listed town.

We ask that if you have any doubt about a particular confirmation or questions about this service please contact us.

Daily reports of thunderstorm activity to midnight are updated as soon as possible following receipt of available data.

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Page updated: 16 July 2013