The Water Information Services Program

Water security is a major challenge facing Australia. The need to accurately monitor, assess and forecast the availability, condition and use of water resources is vital.

The Bureau of Meteorology, Australia′s national weather and climate agency, now has responsibility for compiling and disseminating comprehensive water information across Australia.

Work in progress

The Bureau is currently working on delivering water Information projects, standards and systems including:


The Bureau's water information publications include Information Sheets on our major products and programs, the Pilot National Water Account and Information Bulletins to the water industry. The list of publications include:


The Water Accounting Standards WASB) is an independent advisory board to the Bureau of Meteorology. The WASB is working with the water industry to develop consistent standards for water accounting.

Water information research

The Bureau is working closely with CSIRO through the Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA) and with the eWater CRC and Asian Pacific FRIEND to push the boundaries fo existing water science and information technology.

Water jobs

Since 2007, the Bureau has employed an extra 120 people around Australia, mostly based in Melbourne and Canberra, to deliver water information.

Water contacts

If you need further information about the Bureau of Meteorology's water information role, our products or our programs please send an email to: waterinfo@bom.gov.au

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