WDTF Frequently Asked Questions

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What is WDTF?

The Water Data Transfer Format is an XML file format for transferring water information. Read more ...

What versions of WDTF are available and when were they released?

WDTF release packages and release dates.

How do I know if my WDTF file format is valid?

Use the WDTF online Validator to check the validity of your XML WDTF files.

What tools are available to help deliver water data in WDTF?
  • The HYXL2BOM software has been developed by the NSW Office of Water and can be used to convert Excel and CSV files to WDTF.
  • The WDTF Visualisation viewer is a visualisation tool which allows users to explore WDTF data; including plotting and comparing time series and ratings or gaugings.
Is there a list of companies, and commercial systems, who have assisted organisations in supplying data to the Bureau in WDTF?

Many IT and data management companies have undertaken work to assist organisations to implement functionality to enable data transfer to the Bureau in WDTF as part of the Funding program. See WDTF Providers for a list of companies.

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