About the Water Regulations

The Regulations commenced on 30 June 2008 and give effect to a range of matters provided for in the Water Act 2007.

For more on the broad policy picture, see Water Regulations Background

Part 7 of the Water Regulations

Part 7 of the Water Regulations deals with water information. It sets out the detailed requirements of the water information framework established by the Water Act 2007. It defines who must give specified water information to the Bureau, and the time and format in which it must be given. The Regulations individually name over 200 organisations which are required to give the Bureau specified water information that is in their possession, custody or control.

Principles and policies

The Bureau has an open and transparent approach to maintaining and developing Part 7 of the Regulations. Read more about our overarching principles and policies for making changes to the Regulations.


We encourage named organisations to become familiar with their requirements under the Regulations. You can do this by using our 'Water Regulations Online' tool to produce a customised report that lists your organisation's obligations. Our approach to encourage compliance with the regulations is set out in our compliance strategy.

More information and support

You should also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for the basics on giving water information under the Regulations

If you can't find what you're looking for please email us at regulations@bom.gov.au

Regulator performance framework

The Australian Government has developed a framework to measure the performance of regulators. Read more about the framework and the performance measures which will be used by the Bureau.

Interagency Working Group on Commonwealth water information provision

Read more about how the Interagency Working Group identified measures to streamline water information reporting and reduce regulatory burden.

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