Australian Water Accounting Standards provide guidance and explanatory material to assist in preparing, presenting and assuring general purpose water accounting reports.


Associated Illustrative Water Accounting Reports for the AWAS 1 were compiled to demonstrate the presentation and disclosure requirements of the standard. These illustrate many of the principles in the standard, but are not a comprehensive checklist of requirements.

Stocktake of Australia’s Water Accounting Practice

In 2006, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries commissioned SKM Stocktake and Analysis of Australia's Water Accounting Practice (PDF 2.44MB) that described existing water accounting capabilities and requirements for future development.

Analysis of effects of adopting Australian Water Accounting Standard 1

The Effects Analysis examines the costs and benefits of adopting the Australian Water Accounting Standard 1. It draws on a series of reports, desktop reviews and industry research. There are a range of benefits to be realised from the application of Australian Water Accounting Standard 1, however it is difficult to fully quantify the cost of existing water information reporting. Further analysis will be required as more data becomes available.

For the further information, please refer to the reports below:

Analysis of general purpose water accounting reports

Analysing General Purpose Water Accounting Reports (193Kb) shows how water accounting statements can be read and the information interpreted. 

International water accounting

The International water accounting report provides a summary of the development of water accounting across the world.

Information Sheets

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