About Water Information Standards

Australian Water Information Standards

The Bureau commissioned an industry needs analysis in 2010. The report, National Water Information Standards Development—An Industry Needs Analysis (944KB) identifies the need for a highly collaborative and iterative approach to developing standards and the importance of linking information on standardised hydrometric procedures to water information products. It also identifies the importance of standards in assisting product users to determine their fitness for purpose.

The Director of Meteorology has the authority to issue National Water Information Standards as legislative instruments under the Water Act 2007.

The Bureau is working closely with the water industry to collaboratively develop Water Accounting standards through the Water Accounting Standards Board.

The Water Information Standards Business Forum (the Forum), chaired by the Bureau, is leading the development of water information collection and management standards.

In May 2013 the Forum endorsed a series of 10 National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring. The Bureau encourages organisations involved in water data collection to adopt these guidelines.

International Standards

The Bureau is strongly involved in developing meteorological standards through the World Meteorological Organization. Through the WIRADA research and development alliance with CSIRO, the Bureau has contributed to the development of WaterML 2.0, an international Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard for water data exchange.

WaterML 2.0 and WDTF are a rendering of the Observations and Measures Model developed under the Open Geospatial Consortium.