National Industry Guideline for water quality metadata

This National Industry Guideline identifies the essential metadata requirements for water quality data.

The guideline was endorsed by the Water Monitoring Standardisation Technical Committee in November 2015. Endorsement means that the guideline aligns with industry recommended practice and is in step with relevant Australian and international standards. Read more about the extensive industry input and consultation in the Basis for Endorsement document.

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NI GL 101.00–2016

Organisations involved in water quality data are encouraged to adopt this guideline.

The Bureau thanks Rob De Hayr (Queensland Department of Environment and Science), who sponsored the guideline development, consultation and review.

The guideline content is based on a project funded under the Bureau-administered Modernisation and Extension of Hydrologic Monitoring Systems program. Read more about this initial project.

What does the guideline cover?

The guideline provides guidance about metadata requirements for water quality data relevant to hydrographical, laboratory and hydrologic practitioners. The guideline is applicable to automated continuous water quality monitoring (e.g. using in–situ sensors or probes), tests performed in the field and grab samples sent for laboratory testing.

Implementation of the guideline will facilitate consistent collection of water quality metadata, and will improve the interoperability, quality and future usefulness of the water quality data.

Your feedback

The Water Monitoring Standardisation Technical Committee (WaMSTeC) encourages users of endorsed guidelines to raise any issues, comments, corrections or other feedback relating to guideline content, scope or application. Please provide your feedback by emailing the Bureau, preferably with the attached form.

Governance of the guidelines

The National Industry Guideline for water quality metadata is a living document. WaMSTeC is accountable for ongoing governance of the guideline, which will be subject to periodic review at intervals of no more than five years. Periodic review will ensure that the endorsed guideline remains technically sound and up–to–date with technological advancements.

For more information on this and other National Industry Guidelines please contact the Bureau.

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