Water Regulations 2008 – Metadata and contextual information requirements

The Metadata and Contextual Information Requirements (462Kb) document lists metadata and contextual information elements for subcategories of water information. Regulation 7.11 requires named organisations to give to the Bureau metadata and contextual information in accordance with this document at the same time as they give their water information.

The Bureau is progressively developing detailed element lists for all categories of water information. Over time, these lists will be added to the Metadata and Contextual Information Requirements (462Kb) document.

The detailed lists do not change the regulations requirement for organisations to give all their related metadata and contextual information. However, the lists better define and constrain the general requirement for ‘other metadata and contextual information’. This makes it clearer for data providers who only need to give the specified elements for each subcategory.

The Bureau has developed supplementary material, available as explanatory notes, to help data providers understand the requirements in the detailed metadata and contextual information element lists.

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Document versions

The Bureau will notify organisations when it adds new metadata and contextual element lists to the Metadata and contextual information requirements document. Organisations will be required to comply with the new lists within six months of that notification.

Current document: Metadata and contextual information requirements-v2.pdf (462Kb)

Version Date of effect End date Notes
v2 28 November 2014 Open Added detailed element lists for subcategories:
1a and 1b
2a, 2b and 2c


Additional supplementary material can be found in the explanatory notes.

Superseded documents:

Version Date of effect End date Notes
v1 28 February 2014 27 November 2014 Added element lists for new subcategories 2d and 2e
1, 2012 5 July 2012 27 February 2014 Contained generalised requirements moved from the body of the Regulations


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