WDTF Validation

Validating WDTF Data Files

Use the WDTF online validation service

To support the use of the WDTF format the Bureau has developed a WDTF online validation service to allow organisations to check if the data they are supplying is compliant with WDTF.

The validation service uses a web interface to enable manual validation of sample files.

To help data suppliers to use and understand the validation service, the Bureau has developed a User Guide.

What is being validated?

The validation service checks:

  • Structural validation — checks the XML file format and the syntax of the content against the WDTF schema.
  • Semantic validation — checks the file against the business rules that define the meaning (semantics) of the data.

Validation service architecture

The structure–semantic–vocabulary relationship within the validation service is ilustrated below.

Validation service architecture

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