Metadata and contextual information

The Water Regulations 2008 require specified organisations to give water information, including metadata and contextual information, to the Bureau. The regulations incorporate by reference two documents that detail metadata and contextual information requirements.

Metadata consultation process

The Bureau consults with industry to develop metadata lists for each data subcategory. The consultation process is as follows:

  1. Draft metadata and contextual information element lists
    The Bureau develops a draft list and associated supporting documentation for a data subcategory, in consultation with its Subject Matter Expert Groups.
  2. External review
    The Bureau invites feedback on the draft lists from lead water agencies in each jurisdiction as well as other key industry stakeholders. The Bureau seeks comment on the completeness and relevance of the metadata in the draft lists.
  3. Revision of lists
    The Bureau revises the lists to integrate feedback received and publishes FAQs to address comments and questions.
  4. Inclusion in the Water Regulations 2008
    Once finalised, the Bureau adds the metadata and contextual information element lists for each data subcategory to either the Metadata and Contextual Information Requirements document or the Urban Water Management Information Requirements document which it publishes.