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What is a Category of Water Information?

The Regulations classify water information into ten categories. Subcategories further divide each category of water information.

Additionally, the Regulations require organisations to give metadata and contextual information about water information in categories 1 to 9 and 11.

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Category 1 - Surface water resource information

Level and flow of surface water in watercourses (excluding water storages).

Category 2 - Ground water resource information

Level and pressure of groundwater and aquifer recharge volumes.

Category 3 - Water storage information

Water storage level, volume, inflows and outflows. Also, the location, capacity and ownership of major storages.

Category 4 - Meteorological information

Meteorological phenomena that affect the availability of water. Includes: rainfall, wind speed, humidity, evaporation, temperature, pressure, vapour pressure deficit and solar exposure and irradiance.

Category 5 - Water use information

Water takes, supplies and returns.


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Category 6 - Information about water rights, allocations and trades

Water access rights, irrigation rights, water trades, water allocation announcements and permits.

Category 7 - Information about urban water management

Urban water resources and management. Includes information on water takes, supplies, sewage, urban stormwater and recycled water.

Category 8 - Information about water restrictions

Announcements of water use restrictions.

Category 9 - Water quality information

Electrical conductivity, suspended solids, turbidity, nutrient content, acidity and temperature of surface water. Includes electrical conductivity and acidity of ground water.

Category 11 - Water information for flood warning purposes

Level and flow of surface water in watercourses, and rainfall information used for flood warning purposes.

Metadata and contextual information about water information in other categories

Information that helps the Bureau to make sense of information in other categories. It includes ratings tables for storages and for watercourses and descriptions of water access entitlements and management areas. It also includes manuals or protocols of procedures used in water information management.

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