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Notes about the WDTF 1.2 release

WDTF 1.2 extends WDTF 1.0.2 by adding support for Category 6 (Water Markets) data.

For other categories of data it is essentially the same as WDTF 1.0.2.

Data providers are invited to download and explore WDTF 1.2, but please note that the Bureau does not yet formally support the ingest of data in 1.2 format, so please contact the Bureau by email at before using it for data provision to the Bureau.

The WDTF Validation Service was updated to support the validation of WDTF 1.2 data in early 2014. However as explained above the Bureau does not yet support ingest of data in WDTF 1.2.

The WDTF Validation Service continues to support older versions of WDTF.


Download the WDTFv1.2 release package, released — 13 December 2013

Using the package


  • Download the package
  • Extract the contents of the package to a location on your computer
  • Double click the [Extracted location]/wdtf-package-v1.2/index.html file

Package contents

The WDTF release package contains the following five directories:

  • doc-files – the release package documents (including the release notes)
  • examples – example WDTF files
  • minimalExamples – minimal example WDTF documents
  • schemas – the WDTF 1.2 schema set
  • validate – a command line validator for validating the structure of WDTF documents.

Download previous versions

Download the WDTFv1.0.2 release package, released — 15 May 2012

Download the WDTFv1.0.1 release package, released — 30 June 2010

Download the WDTFv1.0 release package, released — 30 October 2009

Download the WDTFv0.3 release package, released — 24 March 2009

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