Water Regulations 2008 – Urban water management information requirements

The Urban Water Management Information Requirements document sets out the detail for giving information under Category 7 (urban water management).

For the purposes of subcategories 7a, 7b, 7c and 7d, the document:

  • links the high-level water information subcategories to W indicator and U code volumes
  • specifies the person categories that give W indicator volumes, U code volumes, or both to the Bureau
  • lists the W indicator and U code volumes and shows the relationship between the two
  • includes specific data provision requirements applicable to relevant person categories
  • specifies the spatial boundaries of the information and other general requirements around data provision
  • specifies metadata and contextual information requirements that must be given along with Category 7 information.

Further explanatory material can be found in the Category 7 Reporting Handbook

Changes to the document

The Urban Water Management Information Requirements document may change over time.

We are developing a policy for managing changes to the document. This policy will conform with our principles for administering Part 7 of the regulations.

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