National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring

A new series of ten National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring, including three guidelines dealing with the application of acoustic Doppler technology and a guideline glossary, are now available for download at the links below.

The guidelines are a first for the Australian hydrometric industry and have been endorsed by the Water Information Standards Business Forum (the Forum). Organisations involved in water data collection are encouraged to adopt these guidelines.

Forum endorsement signifies that the guidelines align with industry recommended practice and they are in step with relevant Australian and international standards. Endorsement also means that these guidelines have been developed in accordance with the Forum endorsement process (217KB)

Extensive industry input and consultation is a key feature of the development and review processes for these guidelines. Importantly, the Australian Hydrographers Association has been closely involved as the peak industry representative body, contributing assistance and input throughout.

The Bureau wishes to thank all involved in the production of these National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring. Special thanks are due to Mark Randall (Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines) and Grant Robinson (NSW Office of Water), who sponsored the guideline development, consultation and review.

Download the guidelines
WISBF GL 100.00–2013 (2.3MB) Glossary
WISBF GL 100.01–2013 (2.3MB) Primary Measured Data
WISBF GL 100.02–2013 (2.8MB) Site Establishment and Operations
WISBF GL 100.03–2013 (2.3MB) Instrument and Measurement Systems Management
WISBF GL 100.04–2013 (2.3MB) Gauging (Velocity Area Method)
WISBF GL 100.05–2013 (2.3MB) Data Editing, Estimation and Management
WISBF GL 100.06–2013 (2.4MB) Stream Discharge Relationship Development and Maintenance
WISBF GL 100.07–2013 (2.3MB) Training
WISBF GL 100.08–2013 (7.5MB) Application of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers to Measure Discharge
in Open Channels
WISBF GL 100.09–2013 (3.1MB) Application of In-situ Point Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meters for Determining
Velocity in Open Channels
WISBF GL 100.10–2013 (2.6MB) Application of Point Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meters for Determining
Discharge in Open Channels
ADCP Measurement field sheet and quality matrix – pdf form (368KB)
(Matrix appears in Appendix C of WISBF GL 100.08–2013)

The guideline glossary is also published in the Australian Water Information Dictionary (AWID).

Refer to the Basis for Endorsement document (1.2MB) for a summary of the context and benefit of these guidelines, and to learn more about the industry consultation process which occurred.

Governance of the guidelines

The National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring can be considered as living documents. The Bureau is accountable for ongoing governance of these guidelines and they are subject to periodic review through the Forum at intervals of no greater than three years. In the review phase, consideration will be given to any issues or requests for changes raised by the industry. The review process will ensure the guidelines remain technically sound and up to date with technological advancements.

For more information on these National Industry Guidelines please contact the Forum Secretariat

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