Australian Water Accounting Standard 1

The Australian Water Accounting Standard 1 (AWAS 1) was published by the Water Accounting Standards Board (WASB).

AWAS 1 prescribes the basis for preparing and presenting a General Purpose Water Accounting Report (GPWAR). It sets out requirements for the recognition, quantification, presentation and disclosure of items in a GPWAR.

The document also includes three appendices: a list of defined terms; illustrative guidance; and a basis for conclusions outlining the discussion and assumptions that informed its development.

Download AWAS 1 (1.83MB)

Illustrative water accounting reports for Australian Water Accounting Standard 1

A suite of illustrative water accounting reports has been compiled to demonstrate the presentation and disclosure requirements of the AWAS 1. These model reports present four fictitious water report entities:

  • Wallaroo Water System—a water supply system
  • Energetico—a major water user
  • Terra Firma—an urban supply system
  • Minton Environmental Water Holder—an environmental water rights holder.

The demonstration water accounting reports illustrate many of the principles in the AWAS 1. They should not be regarded as comprehensive checklists for the AWAS 1 presentation and disclosure requirements.

Due to their nature, the illustrative water accounting reports will change over time.

Download the illustrative water accounting reports (3.31MB)

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