Release Notes for WDTF1.2

Release date 13 December 2013

Addition of new schemas for Category 6 (Water Markets) data

1.2 extends the previous version of WDTF (1.0.2) by adding new XML schema types to describe water markets data such as entitlements, allocations, permits and trades.

These data types provide support for category 6 data from the Australian water regulations. The new types are in a separate schema called 'markets.xsd'. This schema in turn has four sub-schemas (permits.xsd, trades.xsd, tradingFeatures.xsd and announcements.xsd). All these schemas are imported via the main WDTF schema (wdtf.xsd), so in order to validate 1.2 WDTF files simply validate them against wdtf.xsd.

Change of release package structure

The release package has been restructured with the following five directories:

directory description
doc-files WDTF documentation files
examples Example files set
minimalExamples Minimal example files
schemas Schemas files

A validation framework: Each file under the sub-directory file-to-validate can be validated structurally, against the WDTF schemas.

To execute the validation,

  1. Copy/move would-be-tested files to sub-directory file-to-validate
  2. Change to directory validate
  3. Issue one of the following commands:
    • validate.bat for a Windows environment, or
    • for a Linux / Unix environment

Execution of ‘validate’ target through Ant

In order to properly execute target validate specified in build.xml, the following third-part library/tools are required:

  • ant – ver 1.7.0 or onward
  • xml–resolver–1.2.jar – to resolve catalog file.

Note: be sure to set variable ANT_HOME to the directory where ant is installed.

Replacement of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) xlink.xsd

All references to the OGC XLink have been be updated to reference the W3C XLink 1.1 schema.

Renaming of XSD files previously customised for WDTF

In order to distinguish between official OGC schemas and those customised to meet the needs of WDTF, the WDTF schemas have been suffixed with ‘_bom’.

Revised content of example files

Example files have been updated according to the new schemas and structure.

Documentation improvements

New Features

  • New visual style
  • Bookmarkable URLs
  • Change the LHS menu size by clicking on the vertical divider
  • Case insensitive LHS menu filter
  • CTRL+click the expand/collapse [+]/[-] button for recursive expand/collapse
  • The current page is highlighted in the LHS menu
  • Improved usability on small screens
  • Add Chrome and Opera web browser support.

Content changes

  • Added waterMarketsMember elements
  • Fixed various spelling errors
  • Rewrite of the introductory About page
  • Rewrite of gml:name documentaion
  • Removed the concept of mandatory element values — was a source of confusion
  • All gml:name/@codeSpace attributes are displayed as mandatory (though this is not enforced by the validation service)
  • ahgf:naturalSurfaceLevel and ahgf:topOfCasing contain 1d points
  • wdtf:TimeSeriesObservation/om:featureOfInterest can refer to a wdtf:BorePipeSamplingInterval
  • Codelists are no longer bundled in the download package – external links to the Bureau's website are used.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect examples appearing on some pages (e.g. the Specimen pages)
  • Fixed various formatting errors.

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