About Australian Water Resources Assessments

Australian Water Resources Assessments

The Australian Water Resources Assessments provide consistent, scientifically robust water information on:

  • climatic conditions and landscape characteristics
  • patterns and variability in water availability over time
  • surface water and groundwater status
  • floods, streamflow salinity and inflows to wetlands
  • urban and agricultural water use.

The assessments highlight patterns in the water situation at regional to national scales and over time periods of months to decades.

Australian Water Resources Assessments are published regularly by the Bureau of Meteorology. The 2012 Assessment is now available.

Regular water resources reporting

Through the Commonwealth Water Act 2007, the Bureau of Meteorology is responsible for producing regular reports on the status of Australia's water resources and how they are used.

Australian Water Resources Assessments assist understanding of the impact of past and present water management practices. This informs the design of water resource policies and plans, supporting the goals of the National Water Initiative.

Read the Information Sheet (350KB) to find out more.

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