National Groundwater Information System

National Groundwater Information System

The National Groundwater Information System is a spatial database for GIS specialists that contains a range of groundwater information submitted by States and Territories. The System contains more than 870 000 bore locations with associated lithology logs, bore construction logs and hydrostratigraphy logs as well as groundwater management areas and aquifer boundaries. 2.5D and 3D aquifer geometries are also available for some areas.

Bores and bore log information from the System can be accessed and visualised using the Australian Groundwater Explorer, without using GIS software. The Explorer also includes data not contained in the National Groundwater Information System, such as groundwater level and salinity time-series data. Landscape characteristic spatial layers, such as sedimentary basins and river regions, can also be added to provide context to the groundwater data.

Hydrogeologic units within the System have been standardised for national consistency using the National Aquifer Framework.

Read the Information Sheet (223KB) to find out more.

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