Urban National Performance Report Framework Review

In July 2018 the Bureau of Meteorology, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Water Services Association of Australia and jurisdictional members of the National Performance Reporting (NPR) Roundtable Group signed an agreement to undertake a review of the NPR framework.

Objectives of the review are:

  1. Set up an enduring capability for the NPR framework and the NPR data set.
  2. Improve the availability of performance reporting and benchmarking data to support the efficient, effective operation of the water sector.
  3. Broaden the value of urban water performance reporting, benchmarking, and shared ownership for the urban water sector.
  4. Ensure that the set of data collected through the NPR framework meets the current and future needs of the urban water sector for regulation, benchmarking, planning, and policy development.
  5. Deliver on relevant recommendations of the Productivity Commission's Inquiry Report on National Water Reform.
  6. Refresh the form and format of reporting carried out under the NPR framework, utilising online reporting and dashboards to meet the needs of key users and stakeholders.

The review was overseen by a steering committee co-chaired by The Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, and included representatives from policy and regulator sectors as well as the Water Services Association of Australia. The Bureau of Meteorology engaged Aither and HARC Consulting to undertake the review.

Widespread stakeholder consultation, covering many parts of the water sector, informed a set of eighteen recommendations encompassing six domains of the NPR framework:

  1. Services
  2. Governance
  3. Framework design and function
  4. Operational tasks and infrastructure
  5. Resource and cost sharing
  6. Vision, objectives and users

The NPR Roundtable Group have considered the recommendations that will be implemented by the Bureau and Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment by 2021.

Please email water@bom.gov.au or click here to the report if you would like any further information on the NPR framework review.

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