Water Data Transfer Format (WDTF)

The Water Data Transfer Format is an XML data format for transferring water information. Read more about WDTF.

Some data providers are required to give specified water information to the Bureau in WDTF.

Over time, the regulations will require more Person Categories to provide their water information in WDTF.

WDTF 1.2

Data providers are invited to download and explore WDTF 1.2, but please note that the Bureau does not yet formally support the ingest of data in 1.2 format, so please contact the Bureau by email at waterdatasupport@bom.gov.au before using it for data provision to the Bureau.

WDTF Resources

WDTF release dates and download packages (where available)

WDTF Validation Service

To support the use of the WDTF format the Bureau has developed a WDTF online validation service to allow organisations to check if the data they are supplying is compliant with WDTF.

WDTF Tools

HYXL2BOM – a tool to transform data from excel to WDTF

WDTF Visualisation Tool – a tool to view, compare and plot timeseries, ratings and gaugings data

Support and Feedback

To request help with, or provide feedback on, WDTF send an email to waterdatasupport@bom.gov.au.

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