Water Information Research and Development Alliance

The Water Information Research and Development Alliance (the Alliance) brings together CSIRO's research and development expertise in water and information sciences and the Bureau of Meteorology's operational role in hydrological analysis and prediction to transform the way Australia manages its water resources.

With a $50 million investment over the five years from 2008 to 2013, the Alliance has delivered much of the scientific and research innovation required by the Bureau to fulfil its national water information mandate. Work was carried out by 40 leading CSIRO researchers on hydrologic modelling, water accounting, water resources assessment and data compatibility.

Further investment in the Alliance is planned over the three years from 2013 to 2016. This will refine and build on the significant achievements of earlier work in water information systems, water accounting and assessment and water forecasting and prediction. A snapshot of the outstanding achievements made by the Alliance previously is available for download.

A major research and development program

The Alliance builds on the achievements of CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship.

Building on insights gained from projects such as the Sustainable Yields Project, which assessed water availability in the Murray-Darling Basin, CSIRO will continue to deliver new science and technology to help the Bureau undertake real-time interactive analysis of water information. These new technologies will also help the Bureau to improve water availability and flood forecasting across Australia.

The Bureau of Meteorology's role has expanded to include transforming Australia's water resources information by improving its accessibility, integration and use. Further improvements will be achieved through substantial innovation and will yield benefits through more informed policy and infrastructure decisions.

WIRADA Implementation Strategy (2013-2016) (61kB)

Alliance projects

Current Alliance projects (2013-14)

The current Alliance projects include:

1.13 Informatics – WaterML2 and Geofabric

This project will provide the opportunity to complete delivery of key services required by the Bureau as part of its water information mandate. It will also provide key research required to underpin a significant future direction for data delivery by the Bureau.

3.6 National Water Accounts and Assessment using the AWRA system

This project will provide seamless water balance information and data for the nation for the past and present, using observations where available, and modelling otherwise.

4.3 Flood and short-term water forecasting

Recent advances in weather observations and forecasting, particularly in rainfall and hydrological modelling create an opportunity to significantly improve water forecasts for Australia, increasing accuracy, extending lead-time and quantifying uncertainty.

4.4 Seasonal water forecasting

This project will focus on meeting information needs for water management in Australia, including improving forecast skill, extending forecast lead-times, and providing forecast products that can be easily ingested and used by water agencies in water management planning.

Previous Alliance projects (2008-2013)

Alliance projects from 2008-2013 cover four broad categories:

  • Water information systems
  • Foundation data products
  • Water accounting and assessment
  • Water forecasting and prediction

An overview of the 2008-2013 research program and achievements is available from the WIRADA information sheet (449KB) and achievements brochure. Individual project descriptions can be accessed via the links below.

Key WIRADA Documents


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