WIRADA governance

WIRADA was set up under a formal agreement and governed by a management committee. Strategic research direction was guided by a Science Plan, and the Implementation Strategy (61kB) set out the approaches used to ensure research translated into working products.

Management committee

The management committee set the strategic direction for WIRADA. It approved the annual research programme and budget, and oversaw the effective delivery of research. The committee met quarterly, supported by the WIRADA Director. Members of the committee included two executive representatives from the Bureau and two from CSIRO. Over the duration of WIRADA members have included:

Bureau of Meteorology

  • Graham Hawke (Chair)
  • Dr Dasarath Jayasuriya
  • Dr Rob Vertessy (Chair)
  • Dr Neville Smith (Chair)
  • Dr Greg Ayers (Chair)


  • Dr Francis Chiew
  • Warwick McDonald
  • Dr Carol Couch
  • Dr Ian Prosser
  • Dr Bill Young
  • Dr Tom Hatton
  • Dr Andrew Johnson

WIRADA directors

  • Dr Robert Argent
  • Dr John Sims
  • Ross Ackland
  • Warwick McDonald
  • Dr Ian Prosser

Management committee

Each year the committee published an annual report:

Bureau of MeteorologyCSIROWater Information

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