Strategic Water Information and Monitoring Plan (SWIMP) 2011

Strategic Water Information and Monitoring Plans

Strategic Water Information Coordinators (SWICs) have compiled Strategic Water Information and Monitoring Plans (SWIMPs) for each state and territory (apart from the ACT). They consulted water information collectors named in the regulations in each jurisdiction during the development of the SWIMPs.

These SWIMPs articulate jurisdictional water information needs, strategies and plans and provide useful guidance for ongoing investment. In particular they have been valuable in assisting the Bureau to target funding through the 'Modernisation and Extension of Hydrologic Systems Program'.

Each SWIMP contains information on:

  • current status of water information collection and monitoring systems
  • gaps in networks and knowledge
  • issues and opportunities
  • priorities, strategies and actions.

Together, the SWIMPs contribute toward a national picture of water information activities in Australia.

SWIMP documents are freely available under Creative Commons licensing. Attribution belongs to the lead water agency, or state or territory government in each jurisdiction.

The SWIMPs linked in the table below are for 2011, except for NSW which is for 2012.

Strategic Water Information and Monitoring Plans
Jurisdiction Lead Water Agency Main SWIMP Associated Documents and Appendices
Vic DSE Vic SWIMP (2.2MB)  
Qld DERM Qld SWIMP (942KB) Qld SWIMP Appendices (3.9MB)
NT NRETAS NT SWIMP (10.2MB) NT Appendix 1A.1 (11KB)
NT Appendix 1A.2 (64KB)
NT Appendix 1B-2A (74KB)
NT Appendix 2B.0 (357KB)
NT Appendix 2B.1 (30KB)
NT Appendix 3.0 (84KB)
NT Appendix 3.1 (64KB)
NT Appendix 3.2 (45KB)
Tas DPIPWE Tas SWIMP (6.8MB)  
SA DfW SA SWIMP (5.4MB) SA Appendix 10 (3.1MB)
SA Appendix 11.1 (2.4MB)
SA Appendix 11.2 (1.2MB)

In addition to the SWIMPs, New South Wales and South Australia produced the following publications:

Jurisdiction Publication
NSW Strategic Investment Plan for Water Monitoring Systems, Water Resource Monitoring 2012-2017
SA The South Australian Water Monitoring Investment Framework and Strategy, May 2012

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