Rainfall Statistics

Statistics of Heavy Rainfall

Specialised rainfall statistics based on a time series or frequency analysis are available from the Hydrometeorological Advisory Service (HAS).

Requests for these statistics should be forwarded to HAS on:

Email: Hydrometeorological Advisory Service

Pluviometer Statistics

  • ITUWM Average of the duration in each month for which rainfall intensities exceed 6 nominated values. Average and number of occurrences of worst month are also provided. This program follows the ITU-R (International Telecommunications Union - Radiocommunication) (formerly CCIR) definition of worst month.
  • HIGHMN List of rainfall intensities (including date and time of occurrence) exceeding a nominated value for each of 12 durations ranging from 6 minutes to 72 hours.
  • HRANMM Average frequency of clockhour rainfall intensities within 10 nominated ranges or exceeding 10 nominated values.
  • INTDUR Average frequency and duration of rainfall intensities exceeding a nominated value. Averages are given for each month and hour of the day.
  • PLUVIFD Frequency analysis for standard durations from 1 minute to 72 hours and Average Recurrence Intervals (ARI) from 3 months to 100 years. For ARIs of 1 year or more the analysis is similar to the Australian Rainfall and Runoff 1987 IFDs.

Daily Rainfall Statistics

  • RADIFD Highest fall per year for 10 durations ranging from 4 to 30 days and a frequency analysis on these data similar to the Australian Rainfall and Runoff 1987 IFDs.
  • RADNAL Average number of days per month for which daily rainfall totals fall within 10 nominated ranges or exceed 10 nominated values.
  • RNDATE List of the n-highest, m-day falls and their date of occurrence for n,m between 1 and 10.

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