Urban national performance report

National performance reports benchmark the pricing and service quality of Australian water utilities. Indicators include water resource supply and usage, financial operations, bills and pricing, assets, water quality compliance and customer performance. Published annually and prepared independently by the Bureau, State and Territory governments, and the Water Services Association of Australia, the reports support commitments under the National Water Initiative.

Read the Urban National Performance Report information sheet (PDF) to find out more.

National performance report 2018–19: urban water utilities

The report covers more than 166 performance indicators from 85 service providers; including bulk water authorities, water utilities, and councils. Part A reports on key indicators and provides analysis. Part B is a data file of the complete dataset.

Download Part A of the report

National performance report 2018–19: urban water utilities (updated) (PDF)

Infographic showing major features of urban national performance report 2018-19

Download chapters separately

Part A

Executive summary (updated) (168KB)
Section 1: Introduction (713KB)
Section 2: Major urban centres (148KB)
Section 3: Water resources (284KB)
Section 4: Pricing (423KB)
Section 5: Finance (443KB)
Section 6: Customer (378KB)
Section 7: Asset (507KB)
Section 8: Environment (103KB)
Section 9: Health (60KB)
Appendix A: Individual utility group tables (502KB)
Appendix B: Audit framework (39KB)
Appendix C: Utilities reporting (66KB)
Appendix D: Urban performance indicators (137KB)
Appendix E: CPI indexation (48KB)
Appendix F: Jurisdictional summaries (175KB)

Part B

The complete dataset - Final 27th Feb 2020 (3.1MB)

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