Water Restrictions

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Water Restrictions website provides access to current water restrictions information for the whole of Australia. Water restrictions information can be searched by State or Territory, water agency and restriction name. Water restriction names and rules vary throughout Australia due to local requirements.

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Lower Hunter

Agency name:
Hunter Water Corporation
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Area description:

Hunter Water is a State-owned Corporation providing water and wastewater services to over half a million people in the lower Hunter region. There are 227,695 properties connected to the water network.

Our area of operation covers 5,366km2 with a population of 560,603 in the local government areas of Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Dungog and small parts of Singleton.

Current Restriction

Restriction name:
Level 1
Restriction type:
Start date:
End date:
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Description summary:

Taps and hoses must not be left running unattended

Watering of lawns and gardens only permitted before 10am or after 4pm

Sprinklers and irrigation systems are not permitted at any time

Hoses must have an instant on-off mechanism such as a trigger nozzle attached (this includes for watering gardens, filling or topping up swimming pools or washing cars and vessels)

No hosing of hard surfaces including paths, driveways and paved areas

A permit and approved cover are required before filling or topping up a swimming pool with more than 10,000 litres

All non-residential customers consuming more than 10 million litres/year must prepare a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP)

All non-residential customers consuming more than 50 million litres/year must implement their Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP)

Dripping taps and leaking pipes, fittings and toilets must be repaired


The use of bore water or recycled water is exempt from restrictions

Rainwater is only exempt if the tank used for storage is not topped up with or switches to Hunter Water's drinking water supply

Spot cleaning with a hose of paths, driveways, concrete and other hard surfaces is permitted when cleaning with water is necessary for safety, health or emergency reasons. High pressure cleaning equipment or a hose with a trigger nozzle attached must be used.

Boat engines may be flushed with a hose without a trigger nozzle attached

The washing of building structures, including windows, walls, gutters and roofing is permitted if using high pressure water cleaning equipment or hose fitted with a trigger nozzle.

Potable water can be used for dust suppression but only where there is no alternative water source reasonably available.

Customers must apply for a permit to water newly laid turf if they wish to water outside of permitted hours or use a sprinkler or irrigation system.

Business customers who are unable to comply with the restrictions are required to apply for an exemption.