Water Restrictions

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Water Restrictions website provides access to current water restrictions information for the whole of Australia. Water restrictions information can be searched by State or Territory, water agency and restriction name. Water restriction names and rules vary throughout Australia due to local requirements.

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Central Coast Council
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The Central Coast Water Wise Rules are:

- Watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or a trigger nozzle hose is permitted any day before 10am or after 4pm to avoid the heat of the day.

- All hand held hoses must have a trigger nozzle

- All vehicles should be washed with a bucket, trigger nozzle or pressure cleaner

- No hosing of paths and driveways

These permanent rules apply to all water users including domestic, commercial, industrial and government who use water sourced from the town supply.

Living Water Smart

Gosford and Wyong Councils encourage the community to make water conservation a normal part of everyday life and use common sense when applying the Water Wise Rules. For example:

- Wash your car on the lawn wherever possible. This will not only water and fertilise your lawn but will also avoid stormwater pollution

- Avoid any form of outdorr hosing between 10am and 4pm to avoid the heat of the day, when evaporation is high.

- Use a broom to clean up leaves, grass clippings, dirt, dust and general litter on paths or driveways instead of hosing.


- Water Wise Rules do not apply to the use of water from rainwater tanks, regardless of whether they are connected internally or are for external use only.

- Water Wise Rules do not apply to the use of town water in the event of, or where there is risk of an accident, fire, hazard to health, safety or environment.

- Businesses and Residents do not need to apply for exemptions. There are a number of exclusions - see Questions and Answers for more information.

For further information please visit: http://www.gwcwater.nsw.gov.au/index.php/water-wise-rules