Revised Generalised Tropical Storm Method

Australia map of GTSMR Zones


The Revised Generalised Tropical Storm Method (GTSMR) is applicable to those parts of Australia affected by tropical storms and divides the region into 3 parts: the coastal zone and the inland zone with an additional winter only zone covering southwest Western Australia. The maximum duration covered by this method is 120 hours days in the coastal zone in summer and 96 hours for all other zones and seasons.

The development of the GTSMR is documented in the "Revision of the Generalised Tropical Storm Method of Estimating Probable Maximum Precipitation"(2003), Hydrology Report Series, Report No. 8 (HRS8). A catalogue of the significant rainfall occurrences used as a basis for the GTSMR is available in Hydrology Report Series, Report 9 (HRS9).

This new method supersedes the GTSM as described in Kennedy and Hart (1984).

GTSMR PMP estimates

These may be obtained by:

  • Purchasing the GSAM and GTSMR USB. The USB contains all the data previously available on the GTSMR CD:
    • Guide to the Estimation of Probable Maximum Precipitation: Generalised Tropical Storm Method, March 2004
    • GTSMR data needed to produce estimates of PMP
    • Temporal patterns

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