Naming a Time Series Data File

Data files are named to produce unique file names that inform of their source and contents. The file name is constructed by the concatenation of several elements, in order. File names are considered to be case insensitive.

File name structure

The required file name format is:

Element Mandatory? Description
FormatName Yes

Declares the name of the data file format.
This is a data supplier defined name used to describe the data file format. A file format name should apply to only one file format, if the format changes and new name (or variation of the name) should be used. The name should not contain a period '.' character.
Reserved names:

Name Description
wdtf Data in the BoM defined water data transfer format-XML
DataOwnerId Yes The Bureau assigns Wcode IDs for each person (agency) named in the Water Regulations. The owner ID is the Bureau assigned Wcode for the data owner,. The owner ID may be different to the data provider ID. Please send an email to if you are unsure of the ID to use.
DateTime Yes The date and time (standard time) that the file was created, in the form YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.
SiteId Yes The site identifier used by the data custodian. This identifier should be unique within the organisation. The list of valid identifiers is maintained by the data custodian.
FileType No This element is used to indicate that a file contains continuous time series data (ctsd). If used, the only valid content is 'ctsd'


Example :
Organisation 'w00XXX' - 'Data provider XXX' who creates an export at 8am on 1/July/2008. The data is for monitoring site G8210009. The file format is not one of the Bureau declared formats, the organisation calls it a 'HHRR' format.

Example - File name for continuous time series data

Example - File name for all other site data

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