Non WDTF Format

The 2013 amendment to the Water Regulations added requirements for water information to be given to the Bureau in a form approved by the Director of Meteorology. In cases where no format is specified and you are unable to deliver data in the preferred Water Data Transfer Format (WDTF), then provide the data in the format in which you store it on your data management system.

For example:

  • if the water information is stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, give the spreadsheet to the Bureau
  • if the water information is stored in a commercial data management product or an in–house database management system, export it to a comma separated values (csv) format for transfer purposes
  • the Bureau prefers water data to be consistent and follow the specified data file content and naming conventions listed in the box to the right
  • to extract data from these files into a national hydrologic database, the Bureau will need to interpret and reformat the data. In many cases we will contact your organisation to develop an understanding of the data you have provided.

Please note: The Bureau prefers that time series data is not provided in Binary, PDF, Microsoft Word or other unstructured text formats.

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