Water Data Transfer Format (WDTF)

The Water Transfer Data Transfer Format (WDTF) is our preferred mode of data delivery and we are promoting this as the standard format for the transfer of water data. WDTF facilitates the transfer of Time Series data, and Metadata.

Category A persons are required to provide specified water information (224 KB) in WDTF. Over time, the regulations will require more Person Categories to provide their water information in WDTF.

You can access a range of technical resources to do with WDTF including downloads of each version, WDTF tools and FAQs.

WDTF and commercial systems

Using a standard transfer format will provide organisations with a streamlined process to deliver water data, while providing the assurance and confidence that their data delivery solution is commercially available and supported by the current IT industry.

A number of commercial companies have produced export tools to facilitate data being forwarded to the Bureau.

The WDTF will provide significant benefits to the broader Australian water industry including:

  • reduced time spent in interpreting and understanding water data files
  • support for streamlined data extraction, transfer and loading processes
  • development of staff data formatting skills and knowledge that is transferable between organisations
  • ongoing industry investment for maintenance and enhancement of the WDTF
  • interoperability between individual commercial water data management systems.

Developing your systems

We encourage you to contact your IT system provider and discuss your options for developing or improving your organisation's WDTF export capacity. By having a commercial data management system that enables water data transfer, your organisation can achieve the following benefits:

  • robust and reliable data operations and interoperability
  • enhanced query and reporting
  • enhancement of the data value through associated metadata
  • external product support
  • access to structured training programs.

Data management systems being proposed should either have WDTF capacity or be able to demonstrate a significant commitment to the development of WDTF capacity in their product.

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